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I got them at Natchez Shooting Supply .com for $17.46 each. And that was after the gouging stated. So far, this place don't gouge. I also got 4 Glock22 15 round mags for $25.XX. Also no tax. Shipping was a bit steep, but the trick with them is, buy enough stuff.
Like 1st box of ammo is like $11 but so is 4 boxes. 6 boxes of ammo is like $13 and so forth. We bought 16 boxes of ammo between, my daughter and son in law, and these 2 mags, and it worked out to $1.70 shipping for both mags, and $1.70 shipping for shipping on each box of ammo. The $1.70 is about what we pay for sales tax on a box of ammo here, and then you get the ammo at $2-$3 less than the stores too, and of course the stores are sold out and you can't get any.

So here is the deal on this place. They to are sold out of everything. But what you do is, you click the "To be notified" feature. Then when they get it in, they send an email saying we have the items you requeted in stock and you go jump on the shit immediatly. I was shocked, the 9mm an .40 ammo last a whole day, and then later the same day I got notified on the mags so I had to place an order at that point, and decided I'd get a better shipping rate if my Daughter and SIL bought 10boxes of ammo. So it worked out good for all of us. Like everyone though, they are backlogged. I think it was about 12 days ago we placed that order for the mags and 16 boxes of ammo.
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