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Originally Posted by hotrodpc View Post
hmmm, think I'll get me one of those. Then maybe someone will buy me a 07-13 Escalade to put it in !!! Nahhhhhhh. I almost bought 1 once. Decided I'd prefer a Denali cuz Escalades insurance premiums are higher. Anyone want to guess why??? And the Denail is all as nice as the Escalade. What changed my mind was the ALL WHEEL DRIVE. Nooo. I love 4x4, but I'd rather have more control of the transfer case and put lockers and lsd's in the axles.

Never know, I might someday. But I'm curious, what keeps this from fitting the other GM SUVs with consoles? Are they different now???
There are several configurations on GM consoles. I do make one for the other GM Full Size PU's and SUV's. Most of the others are all alike except the Avalanche, which I also make.
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