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Default Movie reviews: Elysium and Oblivion


The good:
-Kick Ass action
-Lots of good attention to detail in the construct of all visuals
-The fighting robots looked awesomely capable and still realistic.

The bad:
-It's unabashed open propaganda piece. They dont even bother being subtle about it, the director even admitted it was an "opnion piece"
-As a not-too-subtle open borders message, the struggle was between the poor downtrodden spanish speakers who were good, warm hearted, competent and selflessly brave trying to illegally cross those unreasonable and injust borders, while suffering from exploitation by the evil English speakers that were trying to keep them out of invitation -only paradise they had built.
- Even Matt Damon clearly presented as a native spanish speaker who only uses English as a Lingua Franca because he has to and besides no one who isnt a Spanish speaker is allowed to be good looking in this movie.

oh and they throw in a huge plug for free universal healthcare as a human right to boot.

The pic only gets a single Star and that's for getting your moneys worth in production value and visuals, while the plot is simply embarrassing on so many levels.

After watching Elysium in the theatre it was an incredible refresh to see
Oblivion on pay-per-view.

Pros for Oblivion:

-Beautifully rendered Post-Apocalyptic lanscapes
-All the issues in the movie were very real and human, involving such current issues as being lied to by authority and the "head of household" seizing the initiative in finding out the truth and acting on what he finds.


In summary Oblivion despite being a Sci Fi action flick is a very natural and human film that offers great renderings , combined with a compelling plot, that builds on human nature rather than perverting it and to top it off is deeply romantic in a very smart but touching way.

5 Stars highly recommend!
I would write more about it but dont want to spoil it.
Also dont watch the trailer if you can help it as it gives away too much.
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