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I have several "Traditional" Black Powder rifles, two percussion and a flintlock too.
All three in 50 cal and I like the flint lock the best. If a person has any bad shooting habits, that flint lock will let You know about it, teaches a person to press the trigger and HOLD, HOLD, HOLD, KERBOOOM.
I have been gathering powder and lead, lately mostly lead.
I have a friend that works in the telephone line repair business, He recently moved to this town and I met Him through having some problems with My phone. He had been replacing a bunch of the old lead shielded cables, one day He stops in and asks if I would be interested in some lead, I have about 600 lbs. under the work bench but, Why yeah, sure, I`ll gather as much lead as I can.
It seems that I now have rounded up, I`m guessing at this number, about 2000 lbs. wooohooo.
Guess I better get to casting some bullits and balls huh.
If You`re going to be a BEAR, then be a GRIZZLEY !!!
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