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Not the perfect answer you are looking for since i have not used AR500 but it seems they do ship to non LEO.

Some thoughts on levels. it depends on your application.
are you looking at using it for day to day wear or SHTF?

Some thoughts:

Keep in mind that anything less than full level III (to include IIIA) will ONLY stop handgun bullets.
And level III is only good against some rifle rounds not most...

in a peaceful society like now with rule of law and social sanction to not running around openly armed, handguns will be the primary threat and Level II , IIA and IIIA vests may have a lot of utility..

But in a WROL/SHTF situation when the social sanction to being openly armed is no longer dominant and there is conflict. one must deduce that the majority of threats will be from longguns and so any armor below level III will be essentially useless.

For this reason the philosophy of use in a SHTF/WROL/TETOWAWKI situation that makes sense should be to with either go with no armor at all to preserve your agility, OR to wear Level IV plates.
Anything in between will still lessen agility while giving me no benefit against the primary threat.

level IV plates is something I might then wear, but primarily when I am a) vehicle borne or b) in a static defense situation or c) when contact is expected to be imminent. In those cases the loss of agility would either not matter much as in a) and b) or the protection would offset the burden as in c)

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