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Sorry for the delay in reply. I'm in front of my computer all week for work, so come the weekend I avoid it as much as possible, unless of course I need a fix of naked ladies.

And I'm glad I can gross y'all out a bit. I do love my freaky avatars!

So my intention for this is more for range use and helping out the bad guys whilst watching the movie HEAT. I'll be taking a NRA RSO course this weekend so I can help my buddy who teaches NRA Personal Protection Outside of the Home (PPOH) which is an approved course for IL CCW that was recently passed.

I guess I have this armor which is kinda useless and it's one of those things I wanted to address at some point. I came across the AR500 site through the forum and they have pretty decent prices so it spurred my interest.

Thanks to you all for responding and thanks to armoredman for the pics.

Be safe. Shoot safe. And share your sport.
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