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Originally Posted by TScottW99 View Post
My package of Ballistol came in the mail today. A 16 ounce can of liquid and a 6 ounce can of aerosol. Now to find some time to hit the range and get my guns dirty again so I can try it out.
Originally Posted by TScottW99 View Post
Cleaned my SR1911 today with the Ballistol liquid. It did a good job of cleaning the pistol. My judgement is still out though, want to try it on some copper fouling and plastic fouling.

Never heard of Ballistol before, please let us know how it wurks. LOL

Now, onto the next part.
You waiting for the Ballistol in the mail, sort of reminds Me of Ralphie waiting for His " Secret Decoder Ring" to arrive.
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