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Originally Posted by Jo6pak View Post
I overheard two guys talking about .22 ammo in the grocery store the other day. One of the guys said (And I quote) "I've only got about 4,000 rounds left. I'm getting kinda worried and not shooting any more."

I wanted to slap him.

At the last gun show I was at, a guy had a whole table full of all kinds of .22 ammo at outrageous prices. (Thunderbolt for $10 box, Bricks of Wildcat for $90.) He basically admitted that he knew when shipments came into the stores and had guys that worked in those stores holding cases of .22 for him. I asked him if he thought that was right. He seemed quite proud of himself, and answered, "It's business."

I should have slapped him too.

My brother is scrounging to find .22 ammo for his Boy Scouts to shoot next month. I offered him the 300 rounds I have if he turns up dry. Meanwhile these fucktards are scalping.

Some call it capitalism, but it's an ugly and leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
If needs some rounds let me know, i have some I will get rid of and not rip him off him on price I promise...let me know brother,
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