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Default Iraq situation having me question why

I'm a former Army ranger. I have had and sure there are people out there that know fellow comrades that have fallen in the line of duty. I don't see how this is right to turn our heads and let the country we have fought so hard to rebuild fall apart. I know that my fellow soldiers did not die in vain. I'm am on the verge of getting people together that feel the same way and offer our hands to the people. I'm not scared of these insurgents. I am proud to be an American Infidel.

What it means to be an American Infidel:

I am a citizen-soldier in a new war
Here to defend my land, my people, my heart, my mind, my faith, my civilization.
I am a defender of Truth
At times, before men;At times, in secret struggle
Allied with a coalition of the willing.

I am a revolutionary engaged in an information war
A counter-propagandist, counter-jihadist,
et contra tyrannum.

I will not be deceived;
I will not bow down to oppression
Or be bested by those who hate freedom.
I will not be subjugated by the enemy,
For I will not submit.

Dhimmitude is not my future.
I will not renounce my faith nor yield my culture to the evil ones,
But I will fight them in its defense
Until they are defeated

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