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Originally Posted by SilvrSRT10 View Post
I don't know if this was aimed at me for my comment above. But for the record. I never claimed they were innocent or guilty. I just commented that they had done something in order to get a mug shot taken of them. I guess the mug shots belong to the police dept. and can be used as they see fit. Was it poor judgment to use only pictures of black men? Yeah, I think they should have mixed it up. It was also bad judgment to leave the targets up.

Now I have to ask myself if I'd get all bent outta shape if I walked into a range and found a picture of myself or loved one riddled with bullet holes. I think I may have a question or two about their intent but really no harm was done.

Yeah, that was the comment I'm referring to. It's out of line. Whether you used the word guilty or not, your implication was obvious, and still is.

The point made in the article that these police officers may be seeing those pictured on their targets when they're armed on duty should be enough to give a person second thoughts about the idea.
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