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Default The 21 foot rule

I have been hearing alot about this 21 foot rule when it comes to self defense. It explains how if you are attacked by a person with a knife, within 21 feet, your chances are greatly decreased of being able to draw your weapon and take them down. This is mostly for police officers, that is why when an officer thinks the person they are approaching could be armed they will stand back, especially in canada where police officers can only draw when they feel it is absolutely necessary. The rule implies that at 21 feet with weapon holstered, you will have enough time when your attacker starts running, to draw your weapon, aim, and decide on the best coarse of action from there, but, at 15 feet you will only have time to draw, 10 you will get you hand on your weapon and that it, at 5 you might not even react fast enough to dodge. This is why i stongly suggest, that if you see a shady character, or someone who is threatening seeming in a public place, i suggest you take this rule into practice and move away and be ready incase you need to act. This rule could save you when the time comes.
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