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Default So what's your ideal home defense gun?

Pistol? Rifle? Shotgun? Slingshot? Straw and a spitball? I normally keep a pistol on the armrest of my easy chair. But I think the best HD gun is a shotgun. But as usual it depends on the layout of your home. Are the doorways and hallway wide enough to maneuver with a shotgun? Do you have a shortened shotgun (Bullpup style like a Keltec KSG) or something like a hunting shotgun that may be more difficult to move around with? Or are you more comfortable moving around with a pistol at the ready?

Some people say that there is a phycological advantage to a shotgun specially when the bad guy hears it pump a round into the chamber. I say I've already got one in the chamber and prefer not to give my position away. What are your thoughts?
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