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Default Review Gadsden Dynamics Partisan Chest Rig

With all the terrorist threats lately I recently got myself another rig.

I already own quite a few rigs that range from cheap to Defense Contractor quality.

But I wanted something different.

I wanted a low visibility, covert rig that could be worn under a windbreaker or even a loose shirt.

It's this product:

I fully endorse it.
It fist well.. its comfortable is available in 3 sizes and is of really good quality.
I would call it "defense contractor grade" which is equal to or above milspec in my mind.
Everything is double stichted in neat quality seams.

They also have a version with a closed top..

but for the covert wear and Philosophy of use I stuck with the open top version.

But I know some will want to use it for both covert and overt at times and then the closed top will shine.

These are handmade in a family owned business in the heartland of America Ohio.

Got my full endorsement!
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