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Your synopsis falls inline with the books I have read. In a grid down situation there will be a lot of attrition due to meds and medical services not being available. There are many people who are only alive today due to modern medicine. Once their supply runs out, they may perish. There are also many who won't want to survive in their new situation. I think this will happen in Phase one.

People are going to have to ban together in order to survive. There's power and security in numbers. I certainly can't stay up guarding what's mine 24/7. People will have to pool their resources, knowledge and muscle. They'll need all aspects of life. Sentries, hunters, cooks, farmers, medical, gunsmiths, carpenters etc.

Some books talk of the marauding groups. If a group of survivors have set up a perimeter and have become somewhat organized, I don't think these groups will be big enough to take over. I'm thinking it will be small family groups trying to get from point A to B. Maybe get to where some other family members are. Or looking for a survivor group to join. That's why I think it's important to have good life skills.

If you're part of a survivor group and a guy approaches wanting to join your people, my first question would be "What did you do"? If he says "Lawyer" then he doesn't have much to offer the group at this time unless he has some other skill. Maybe he was a good hunter. There would have to be a probation period to prove he could be a valuable member of the group. No freeloaders. You have to pull your weight or more.

If we ever do suffer a grid down situation for any length of time, It's going to be a major reset to society. So be prepared and buy precious metals. Brass and lead. When it's truly a matter of survival, gold and silver won't matter. Fresh water and putting food on the table will.

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