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Based on running large+successful forums in the past I have some more suggestions to improve clarity and ease of use:

The "General Discussion" tab in "Weapons" I would change to read:

"Firearms Discussion"

Also could rename "Long Guns" to "Rifles (Carbines etc)" or just "Rifles" (since PPL new ot this think of them as rifles rather than long guns.. long guns is a term used by people like us who are very good at firearms)

Rename " Ammunition/Reloading" to "Ammo/Reloads" ( for space reasons so the tabs list doenst look too busy)

Then reverse the order of the tabs

So first "Rifles" (what u have as Long Guns) then "Handgun" then "Ammo/Reloads" (because of what brings newbs to gun forums in order of interest ARs are hot so Rifles would be first)

Molon Labe

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