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Originally Posted by Shaggy View Post
What do you think is wrong with the current skin? I have used Google Adwords in the past for many forums and it never worked out. Would be spending a ton of money and get next to nothing in new members.

I'm also thinking of changing the forum software from vBulletin to XenForo.
The forum skin is dark.

Its the opposite of what you want in a forum.

A forum needs to have a nice inviting feel to it.

Even I can sense when I have the choice of posting something elsewhere vs here it comes much easier to me to post elsewhere it looks more inviting.

As long as that default skin exists any ad campaign will have little effect.
Forums are about encouraging posting.

Everything facet of a forums design needs to support that line of effort. ..
and the dark skin does not support that.

A nice camo pattern maybe (not a real dark one) say ATACS FG or some such would make an excellent skin.

Warm + lots of green (perceived by the human brain as a friendly color)
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