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Sadly, most Okies are in shock. Gov. Mary FAILin Vetoed the bill. Senate passed it 33-9. This is her last term and she's not even running since she knows her ratings are in the shitter as the worst governor we've had in Modern times. Most of us even want out last Democratic Gov Brad Henry back over this conservative bitch. It's been said by many in the house and the senate, no big deal, we'll do it again next year under a new governor and we'll get it passed.

However, I let my CCW expire on purpose. I wanted to carry under Constitutional Carry law rather than the CCW Permit even though the laws would be the same. It's principal of the matter to me. So, I'm sick of not carrying LEGALLY, and prefer to be LEGAL so I'll probably not wait the year for Congress to make Consitutional Carry law and will renew my expired permit. Someone did bring up an advantage to me of having the CCW. Many states that do have CCW, do NOT have Constitutional Carry but do reciprocate permitted carries so having the permit, I'm legal to carry in more states than without.

I kinda would like to see if OK law is similar to Federal Law and if our OK Senate would Vote 2/3 against her veto and make Consitutional Carry into law. If that's the case, we have more than 2/3 of the Senate and the House for that matter to do it. Just not sure there's enough time left in this session to do it, even if it is possible.
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