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Turns out 3 innocent victims hit. 2 were minor, 1 being just a grazed. But the poor 12yo girl shot in the tailbone and the bullet lodged in her stomach, ended up losing part of her colon but is not paralyzed thankfully. She has a long recovery ahead of her but she will live and make very close to a full recovery eventually.

It was actually 2 different CCW patrons who approached the shooter and demanded that he drop the weapon several times. When he didn't drop it and raised it up, one of the CCW patrons fired until the shooter dropped.

Still lots of details coming about. I missed the 11:30am press confence but I'm sure there will be those details on the News at Noon. So far, no charges against the CCW Patrons and I doubt there will be.

Still no motive, but shooter has been identified as a 28yo white male. Terrorism has been ruled out as of right now.
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