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I like to carry my Glock 23 with a Glock 23 mag and 1 in the pipe to keep it smaller so it doesn't print hardly at all. So that's 14rds. On my other hip, a paddle holster with 2 more mags, but they are Glock 22 mags with XGrip spacers for another 15rds x 2. If I can't get it done with 44 rounds, then I couldn't get it done.

Though it's not always about the # of rounds. To me it's more about having 3 mags. In the event of a jamb, in a fire fight, in most cases you don't try to fix a jamb. Just drop the whole mag, rack the slide to clear, slam another mag and get back in it. Not likely going to need those rounds you just dropped in the event you do, hopefully you can get back to that mag and have a few seconds of cover to troubleshoot the failure. Though I don't really expect to have a jamb either since I keep my gun maintained, good self defense quality ammo and factory OE Glock mags, not aftermarkets, but when you're life depends on it, never say a jamb can't happen.
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