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Ballistically, I like the 6.8 better but there is a lot to be said cheap and highly available 30 caliber rifle ammo.

The color isn't a perfect match but it is closer than it looks in the picture. The ASC magazine is extremely close to the magpul plastic. The upper is cerakote it is a little glossy which is exaggerated by the camera flash. The handguard is a Matrix arms and for $49, I am very pleased. The bcg is Toolcraft. I should have taken a close up but the dust cover and charging handle, which has an extended latch, have American flags and "We the people" on them. The barrel is a BCA I got On sale for $49. Depending on how it performs, I could always upgrade later and at that price, I won't feel bad about heating it up. The trigger is a Geissele G2. I still haven't really decided on an optic but it will soon be wearing a Vortex Diamondback 3.5-1050 I just picked up on sale for $149 and used a gift card toward. $100 pit of pocket was too good to pass up. Eventually, that scope will probably end up on my 270 or possibly my 17wsm.
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