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Default Black powder: percussion and flintlock

I have fired black powder many times and at one time owned a black powder Thompson 50 cal Pennsylvania Renegade percussion cap rifle. The Renegade is 36 inch barrel compared to the shorter 30 inch barrel of most other period percussion cap rifles. The other black powder rifle I have shot was a custom Glenn Jones Kentucky Poor Boy 70 cal flint lock. The only thing you have to watch out for is pan flash. You can singe hair off.

Loading black powder guns is a simple procedure: powder load is poured down the barrel, a piece of cloth called a patch is placed at the end of the barrel. The bullet is a lead ball that is placed over the patch. The ball starter is used to push the ball part of the way in so the ram rod can handle the rest of the way down without breaking.

Flintlock powder- 4f for the priming pan and a coarser 2f for the barrel (also used with percussion cap rifles). Never store powder in plastic, as static electricity can ignite your powder.
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