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I think we will set this challenge up first as "Use the weapon of your choice" at this point. Once we buy rounds for each of the individual weapons however that will make it a "same weapon challenge. Right now it is just the first competition.... As such the rules shall be lax... just this time This challenge is to see who can get the best 6 shots on the target. From there the challenge shall increase. To be honest Although I like my .45's I am actually looking forward to buying my own .40 round so I can fire off dad's hand cannon.

His Springfield .40 cal is even bigger than my 1911 (as far as actual weapon size and length)

However if we do choose to do the challenge with the same caliber we have 2 .22 pistols we can use and even a .22 revolver. Which I have rounds for right now and so does he.
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