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Originally Posted by Arckadian View Post
I like the glock... how much did it cost to do all that modification and how long did it take?.... my next question will hurt some, but how much does something like that cost?
Thanks! shes a SWEET shooter. I couldn't even tell you how many hours I spent in front of the mill lightening the slide and fabricating the compensator. I started with a rough "blueprint" in my head and started putting it down in steel, always takes a little more time. About 2 hours on the grip reduction and stippling. About 2 hours on the action and trigger job, and slide to frame fit. Several hours in duracoat and masking. It goes on and on. All told a few days work. We have it for sale at $1800 with the compensated match barrel and factory barrel, 2-15rd mags, and a 31rd mag.
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