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Originally Posted by sixtyin5 View Post
The constitution allows the states to determine how guns are carried. Power where it should be IMHO.

Some states have different qualifications for carrying concealed, that's why some states reciprocate and others don't. For instance, Virginia residents need only pass a background investigation and do some online courses and pay the fee for the license. No proficiency course needed. {Scary!} On the other hand, some states like Missouri make the licensee draw from concealment in the CHL proficiency test. Catch your shirt, or have any problems and you don't pass. In Texas you have to shoot for proficiency, but it is from the ready position, not concealment.
I agree with you about the Constitution comment. Leave it up to the states. And with 57 (Obama) different thought processes you'll never get them all to agree on one way of testing people.

In my class there was a proficiency segment but it was from the ready position at three different distances. I guess they wanted to see if you could still hit paper from 30 feet back.
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