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I always thought that people drove the worst during bad weather, but in the last two days I have learned ...

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Default Utah Drivers

I always thought that people drove the worst during bad weather, but in the last two days I have learned something new. Yesterday. I went to pick up my girlfriend with my son from her work. So as we leave her work we go to the 9000 South on ramp for I15. There is three car accident there at the on ramp. Nothing big they happen all the time. Go a little ways down and traffic is heavy. I am forced to slow down and then I get cut off by an ***hat in a red car. I am forced to slam on my breaks to avoid hitting them. However the person driving too close to me hits me and the person driving to close to them hits them back into me. So we get off to the side of the freeway and then bang four more cars are in an accident. I am hurt but don't feel it yet cause of all the fun adrenaline rushing through my veins. My girlfriend is hurt, and as for my two year old son we don't know. So my car has been towed.

Today I had to get a rental. As I was coming home with the rental I was force to jump off the freeway as there was yet another car accident involving three or more cars. I knew that when the weather was bad car accident were like flies on ****, but now I have come to re-evaluate that. It may have more to do with the time of the year. The cosmic period of the automobile.
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Blame all accidents on Bush and leave it as that...
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i dont think it has to do with politics, but if it did, then you can blame all the idiots who didnt discipline their kids, or teach them how to be safe and respectful. what the hell is with this "time out" crap nowdays. if you do something stupid you should know the consequences, not sit in a chair for 5 minutes.

regarding the accidents, there are too many idiots out there who dont deserve to drive, but there is nothing we can do about that, except hope for (nicely put) natural selection. i commute 105 miles a day on my motorcycle rain or shine. i see way to many people preoccupied doing other things while trying to drive in bay area traffic during rush hours. they should all be riding motorcycles, then at least they will see how stupid they can act sometimes.

i hope you arent injured too bad. i have been rear ended twice on my motorcycle and have had 3 surgeries, all of which i thought i felt fine at first. but a couple days later is when the real pain set in.
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