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priell3 09-27-2013 11:31 AM

‘Good Guy With A Gun’ Saves 100 In Kenyan Mall Siege
As the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre reiterated this week after the Washington Navy Yard shootings, the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. A point which seems axiomatic to The People of the Gun. Predictably, for his trouble he’s come in for the requisite ridicule from members of the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex and the mainstream media. Yes, we realize that’s redundant. Be that as it may, LaPierre couldn’t have come up with a better example to illustrate his point than an un-named former Brit marine (above) who’s being credited with saving 100 people during the 4-day Islamo-fascist siege of a Nairobi, Kenya shopping mall . . .

'Good Guy With A Gun' Saves 100 In Kenyan Mall Siege | The Truth About Guns

kwo51 09-27-2013 01:49 PM

Disarm all the young not white men and crime goes down 70% .No one wants to put the blame where it is. Cereal killers and mass killers mostly are white but contribute only about 5% of crime. We will not punish just the guilty but all people.

SWSS 09-27-2013 10:56 PM

Good read...

SWSS from somewhere....

Concealed 27 09-28-2013 09:11 AM

I would say that young man did something that most people won't, run into the gunfire instead of running away from it! A true hero and great man in my eyes. Everyday people do heroic things yet our media choses to show what it wants for the most part. I am sure those people he brought out are thanking our father that a man risked his life to save there's. Hero in my book 4 sure....
Concealed 27

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