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Bigotry Against Gun Owners, and why guns are not like cars

This is a discussion on Bigotry Against Gun Owners, and why guns are not like cars within the News forums, part of the General Weapons category!

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Default Bigotry Against Gun Owners, and why guns are not like cars

By Rob Morse. December 4th, 2016

Big city socialists are waging a propaganda war against honest gun owners. One of the myths they frequently roll out is that ďWe donít regulate guns.Ē The person who makes a statement like that either has never been anywhere near the firearms industry, or they are a paid liar. Iíve owned both cars and guns, so letís compare and see if we really regulate guns anywhere like the way we regulate motor vehicles. Is this responsible regulation, or is it anti-rights bigotry? I use this humorous comparison to illustrate the serious discrimination faced by firearms owners today.
Without asking for government permission, you can own a car you keep on your property. In contrast, big city politicians regulate the guns you keep in your locked closet.

You can buy a car from your neighbor without a background check, but you might have to wait a 14 day cooling off period before your neighbor could sell you another gun.

You can buy car parts without a permit, but some states require you to obtain permission before you may even touch a gun in a gun shop. Socialist politicians abuse the human right of self-defense.

You can buy gasoline without a permit, but some states require a special permit to buy ammunition. Donít expect to buy ammunition if you are from out of state. So much for ď..shall not be infringed.Ē

You can let a friend sit in your car without a background check, but it is a felony in some states if your friend holds your firearm. Criminals certainly donít obey these gun laws, so the laws are passed to oppress honest gun owners.

We have public parking places for cars, but the government doesnít provide free gun storage outside ďgun-freeĒ zones.

Child Protective Services wonít knock on my door if I post a picture of my child with my car, but some gun owners get a government official knocking at their door if they post a picture of their child holding a gun.

My wife can park her car in front of our house. No one blames her if her car is stolen, but big city socialists blame a gun owner if her gun is stolen from inside her house.

We donít shut down highways because cars are too noisy, but we shut down gun ranges for any excuse at all.

We donít send cops and tow trucks to your house if your spouse looses his drivers license. We send cops to gun owners houses if their spouse fails to renew his firearms owners registration card.

In contrast, you can buy a car in a few hours, but innocent citizens die while they wait for state permission to buy a gun for self-defense. They are not rights if politicians can vote them away.

The news media and big city socialists donít call to ban of cars when a muslim terrorist uses his car to run over university students, but the media and politicians will eagerly blame honest gun owners and call for more gun control...even when a gun wasnít used in the attack.
We routinely see our big city politicians exempt themselves from the gun laws that apply to everyone else. That hypocrisy doesnít get much coverage in the news. Iím not surprised since the media lies about gun owners. The result is worse than hypocrisy. Weíve lost the ability for honest citizens to protect themselves. Our rights have been infringed and it costs lives.

The rest of the United States sees falling crime rates, but our Socialists controlled cities are increasingly violent places to live. Big city socialists blame gun owners for their failed social experiments.

Well here is a news flash for them. Stop the bigotry. Bigotry is blaming an innocent group for a perceived wrong, and honest gun owners didnít break the socialistís gun-free fantasy. Their big city fantasy doesnít work, and gun owners are not to blame.

Iím tired of the anti-rights bigotry spread by big city Socialists and trumpeted across the publicly traded media. Letís hear them advocate for the real human right of self-defense instead.

Stop anti-rights bigotry now.

Bigotry Against Gun Owners, and why guns are not like cars
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