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This could jsut be me, but . . .

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Texas officials release corrected dash-cam video of Sandra Bland's arrest I watched the video and I saw the build up ...

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Question This could jsut be me, but . . .

Texas officials release corrected dash-cam video of Sandra Bland's arrest

I watched the video and I saw the build up to where it got. My first question was "Why is the woman arguing with the police officer?" and the next question was "Is she stupid???" I know that the police and the non white communities in this nation have had some serious issues lately, but this is getting insane. The cop had a valid reason to pull her over and give her a minor traffic ticket, but she was going about it in a way that even I was getting aggravated just listening to her. Even though the police have been dragged through the mud, they are still in a position of respect, or should be, and need to be treated that way. If you are nice and cooperative you can actually get out of the ticket sometimes and just get a warning. Hell it happened to me once and I was polite and told the cop what was going on and all I got was a warning and I got the issue resolved the next day.

Something like this, the people don't seem to be focusing so much on how she was treating the officer so much as what happened to her inside the jail. I don't know anymore, but to me people's perceptions of individuals they know seem to glow once something like this happens, even if their Facebook page is covered in I HATE ALL COPS statements. I look forward to seeing what comes out of this, but did the cop over react a little? I don't know, I really don't. That is not my job and I am glad that it is not what I do for a living. I do believe the woman escalated the situation to a level that it should never have gone to, but . . . . I just don't know. What is everyone else's thoughts?
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When the goon squads - with MP40's, & an officer of the home guard - come to my door, to announce that I've won an all-expenses paid (one way) trip to the Eastern Front... THEN I will resist such invitations MOST strenuously...

BUT when I get pulled over for a traffic ticket?! Uhmmmm... no.
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She had unresolved mental issues and needed help. She was from Chicago .
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This is just a bad deal all around. Ms. Bland definitely had "issues" (to use a light term) and also the officer could have handled the situation better.
She should have been issued a ticket and sent on her way but, due to a very strange twist in events, she ended up dead in a jail cell.

Nobody wins this one for sure.
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