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Guns in Utah

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TAYLORSVILLE, Utah (ABC 4) - How do you feel when you see an ordinary person carrying a gun on the ...

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Default Guns in Utah

TAYLORSVILLE, Utah (ABC 4) - How do you feel when you see an ordinary person carrying a gun on the street, in your grocery store or coffee shop? If it makes you jumpy, there's a group trying to change that and they're using more guns to do it.

Zach Wellman takes his gun wherever he goes.

“When I wake-up in the morning the firearm goes with me when I go home at night my firearm goes with me,” he said. Wellman is part of a national movement of 2nd amendment activists demonstrating their right to carry their weapons in plain view. It's called open carry.

Utah is one of 43 states allowing any non-felon to openly carry an unloaded gun. But even though people can doesn't mean they should, according to some.

"I’m frankly fearful when people can wonder around my grocery store or my coffee shop with their fire arms,” said Gary Sackett, of the Gun Violence Prevention Center. "It creates anxiety and fear in the population at large."

ABC4 wanted to know how ordinary people feel about seeing someone carrying a gun in broad day light. So reporter Kim Johnson set up a hidden camera experiment at Coffee Club in Taylorsville.

It didn't take long for Wellman and his favorite accessory to get noticed.

From looks, to stares even jaw dropping gazes. One man even eyeballs the gun not once, twice, but three times.

“It was unusual to see a regular person come in with it but it didn't bother me,” said Kelly Watkins.
Full article: http://www.abc4.com/content/news/sta....cspx?rss=1451

As negatively as they (the media and others) try to portray open carriers, this was the best they could do. I think we're winning.
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An interesting side note to this....

The Gun Shop in the Video is Dougs Shoot and Sports, the one I go to to shoot. Taylorsville is .5 miles from my house, the coffee shop he was at is just down the street...

Channel 4 is by far the worst news station in Utah. They are known to over dramatize everything to the point it's no longer a story. This one was a little better than most and all the b roll in the story was from out of state (looking at the uniforms). I've been in business's here where folks were open carrying and 4 of 5 people just went about there day. The Asian girl in the article was so scared, she kept typing on her phone, she only had an opinion when asked.

I will have to keep my eye's open and see if I can see more while I'm out and about

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