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What a Day!!!

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The Bad: Lost my wallet. Not only did it have 80 bucks in it but also my AMEX, my Capital ...

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Default What a Day!!!

The Bad:
Lost my wallet. Not only did it have 80 bucks in it but also my AMEX, my Capital One. my BBT Bankcard, my DL and my CAC card.
It must have happened on my way to the range.
We had qualification today (more about that later) and I noticed my wallet missing when I stopped on my way to the range ( 45 mile drive) to have breakfast/lunch.
So I had to shoot on a completely empty stomach, plus the stress of knowing my wallet was missing.
Called the office had them look to see if I left it there. no luck.
First time in 30 yrs I have lost my wallet, had some close calls before but not yet..

The Good:
Am in week 3 of my getting back into shape campaign. Just got back from a light ruck run. This year I lost a TON of shape due to my new job not tolerating lunch time workouts and a couple injuries that conspired into a perfect storm.
Am a lot weaker and heavier than 14 months ago but now only in week 3 I already feel huge improvements in agility , speed and strength compared to just 3 weeks ago.

The Good#2: My $500 rebate card came in from FLIR

The Good#3: There was a lot of shit talking at the office on shooting. 1 retired USMC CWO4, 1 retired USMC Lt Col ( Infantry) one active duty Army MSG (Infantry) were all talking shit they would easily beat me in shooting.
A active duty SF O-6 from another office also joined our little stick on the firing line.

I used to be a quite good w handguns but had lost a lot of my confidence after eye surgery that over-corrected my myopia (if I dont put on glasses) keeps me from seeing the front sight post clearly.
Its VERY fuzzy. (no problems with EOtech on my ARs though)

One workaround I have used is to shoot with my non dominant eye which has not been over-corrected as much by surgery so is not quite as farsighted as the other, but even so this is non ideal of course. (BTW Putin shoots like this also)

But despite entering the shoot against some very good shooters and shooting with no food all day, and being stressed ffrom the lost wallet I beat my buddies and the SF O6 (plus a few lesser shooters on the line who did't count))
...not just beat them but wiped the floor with them.

During the first few heats not only did I have no misses but my groups were MUCH tighter than my buddies and I was finishing WELL before they did using only 2/3rds to 3/4s of the alloted time.

On the very last mag the end I made a mistake with pulling an empty mag instead of a full one which caused me lost time and ruined my perfect score w/ a couple of misses due to the clock buzzing but at that point I was so far ahead everybody else I still won.

So I guess I got my Mojo back in handgunning and am well on the way in getting my PT back.

All in all not a bad day....and tomorrow my Marine buddies will have to pay up !!!

Thats the best!
Go Army!!
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Molon Labe

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Bummer, hope your wallet turns up! Have found mine in odd places......under sofa, medicine cabinet, under car seat, garage, etc.
One tip that I liked was copying the front and back of all your important cards and putting in a secure location. Makes contacting the card issuers and various companies much easier.
Great shooting, just don't pour too much salt in the wounds of your comrades....
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Time to get one of these....
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Red face

Dang... losing the wallet would be enough to turn ME into the Tasmanian Devil!

Here's hoping all your cards are cancelled, before the Russian mafia - or a Nigerian prince - gets hold of it!
Because it ticks off the people who NEED ticking off...
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I hate to have to where bi- focals to see the front site. I have found real strong night sights help in the day also. I also am cross eye dominate but have learned to adjust . Good luck with your new work outs and take it easy until body is ready for pain again.
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Best of luck with finding your wallett could be an expensive lost for ya, i hope things get better for ya....Jeff
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