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nuff said...

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nuff said

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Originally Posted by TnRebel View Post
nuff said

Very nice collection you got there...
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Ive got a couple black powder rifles and a .44 revolver. They are fun to shoot the revolver and older rifle took alot of playin around w differant amounts of powder to get best results. But like previously said the new ones take the prre measured pellets and sabots and are amasingly accurate.
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Depends on what you mean by black powder. There are the old schoolers like me, who use original style weapons, and than the new kids on the block.
Been hunting old school for 40 years, you start on my .54 cal mountain rifle by adding 80 to 110 gr of ffg powder, or Pyrodex powder. Lube the patch ( I use pillow ticking) and putting a 25 balls per lb ball in the center of the patch at the muzzle. You take out your ball starter and push the ball in about 1/2 in or so with the nub on the starter, that you turn the starter 90 degrees and drive the ball down about 4 inches with the starter. Put the starter back in your possibles bag and remove your ramrod and drive the ball down tight to the powder. Pull back the hammer and place a primer cap in the nipple, hold the hammer with your thumb and release it with the trigger back down on the nipple.
Pyrodex pellets won't ingnite on my style weapon as the primers don't have enough spark to start a hard pellet.
If you want to go flintlock, than your prime the pan with ffg or fffg powder and bring the hammer back down on the pan to travel. Either way it takes 20 seconds or less to load with just a bit of practice.
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I've never fired a Flintlock or Percussion cap BP rifle,but I have shot a few of the newer 209 primed versions.The newer ones are really accurate.
I've watched a guy shoot one at 1000 yards,and he hit metal 5 out of 6 shots.If I hadn't seen it,I would've never believed it.
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I have got inline, sidelock percussion, & cap & ball. They are plenty accurate and not difficult to load and shoot. The biggest question is are you shooting a muzzleloader to take advantage of an extended season or because you want to go old school. Inlines are the superior tool, no question but there is something romantic about shooting a patched round ball from a sidelock. However, sidelock do not limit you to round balls.
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Sign me up as another BP fan. I love shooting my replica Remington 1858 revolver, and I'm in the research phase of scratch or kit building my very own Northwest Trade Gun.

Like others have said, it's not that complicated to master, especially in the case of the revolver. Powder + wad + ball + cap = boom. Just don't be in a hurry, clean it a bit after every cylinder and enjoy the oos and ahs from the other guys at the range.

Which reminds me...last time I had the 1858 out I was ringing the 12" steel 3 out of 6 at 100 yards with it. Now that was fun!
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Been shooting BP for 50 years. I was really disappointed when the inline rifles came out. If you haven't shot a flinter or percussion front loader or even black powder cartridge rifle, you have missed out on the true meaning of marksmanship.
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Still waiting for the smoke to clear.
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Originally Posted by SilvrSRT10 View Post
You just described half the country. Except around here they yell "Hey y'all....watch this." before they do something stupid.
It usually isn't thought of being stupid, we just don't realize that the outcome is still the same once we have consumed copious amounts of adult beverages...Just sayin'.
Sorry, even duct tape wont fix your kind of stupid, unless it is over your nose and mouth...
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