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Funniest Range Story you have

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Any of those funny range stories post here. I will start. Years ago I got a new Beretta 92 compact. ...

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Default Funniest Range Story you have

Any of those funny range stories post here.

I will start.

Years ago I got a new Beretta 92 compact. I go to the range, factory ammo.

I start shooting and it feels strange, just something wrong but it is a gun I have never fired before. Feels like a slight double pop after firing. Like when you hit something in the road and you say what was that. I chalked it off to being a new gun that I did not know.

So I get home and start to clean it. Take it apart and try to get a patch in the barrel. I can't get the patch thru the barrel. I look in there and there is a bullet head stuck right past where the rifling of the barrel starts. So I put 100 rounds shooting a bullet into a bullet. Thats the weird feeling I was getting when I shot.

I get a wood dowel put the barrel in a vice and start to pound the bullet out. And let me tell you something it was not easy, I went thru 4 dowels before the bullet was out. I then look in the barrel with a bore light and at the beginning of the rifling you could see a slight split. Like a lance. I am lucky I did not blow the entire gun. Another 100 rounds I sure I would have.

Don,t ask me how it got there. A squib load from factory? Almost unheard of? A squib load from Beretta's test fire? I do not know.

I did sent it back and they replaced the barrel no problem.

BUT from that day on what I do with a new gun is take it apart look at it, inspect it and clean the barrel. Then oil it and shoot.
Its a good habit to get into, those guns could be 8 months old by the time you get it and the rails etc etc should be oiled before shooting for the first time.

So anybody else have a good story to share.
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