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Default Thoughts on 7 shot revolvers..?

An extra rund is always nice.
But what about the penalty?

What Do I mean?

- The cylinder will be a bit bigger even if walls are thinned out.
- The thinning out of the cylinder walls to accomodate the extra round must come at some expense of strenght. I like to shoot hot loads in my GP100 but this cant be good for the strenght as the cylinder walls determine the strenght of the revolvers "chambers"
- Weight goes up on what is already not a light system.
- I have plenty of speed loaders for 6 shooter... I imgaine 7 shot speedloaders to be bulkier and rare

Molon Labe
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I've never really been into revolvers for those reasons. I like high capacity in a thin form. I've got an old Harrington Richardson 9 shot .22 snubby. And that's about the extent of my revolver collection.
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