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Bluez 04-17-2017 06:46 PM

Review Gadsden Dynamics Partisan Chest Rig
With all the terrorist threats lately I recently got myself another rig.

I already own quite a few rigs that range from cheap to Defense Contractor quality.

But I wanted something different.

I wanted a low visibility, covert rig that could be worn under a windbreaker or even a loose shirt.

It's this product:

I fully endorse it.
It fist well.. its comfortable is available in 3 sizes and is of really good quality.
I would call it "defense contractor grade" which is equal to or above milspec in my mind.
Everything is double stichted in neat quality seams.

They also have a version with a closed top..

but for the covert wear and Philosophy of use I stuck with the open top version.

But I know some will want to use it for both covert and overt at times and then the closed top will shine.

These are handmade in a family owned business in the heartland of America Ohio.

Got my full endorsement!

SilvrSRT10 04-17-2017 08:04 PM

What model did you get? They are showing chest rigs that hold AR15 Mags. Is that what you're planning on carrying? I thought when you said that you were going covert that perhaps you got a new concealed carry pistol.

My CC rig is a Taurus PT740 slim pistol. It only holds 6 rounds. Like you, I would like to carry something with a few more projectiles. I've sometimes carry my XD40 and or my recent purchase the PT140 which holds 11. But that's nowhere close to the rig you are talking about carrying.

Bluez 04-17-2017 10:54 PM

Yes, its for AR15 Mags to support a Trunk gun.
"Partisan" Chest rig is the name and i think its appropriate :D

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