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Default Exclusive: IMI and Hartman Optics to Develop and Supply New Sight for IDF

Exclusive: IMI and Hartman Optics to Develop and Supply New Sight for IDF

Israel Defense has learned that the two companies signed a contract for a project to develop a new, cutting-edge small arms ammunition & Rifle-launched grenade weapon sight to be supplied to an elite unit of IDF
IsraelDefense | 15/04/2016

Hartman Optics, a subsidiary of CAA (owned by Moshe Oz and Mikey Hartman) has finalized a deal with IMI for a project to develop and supply sights for an operational trial by an elite unit of IDF.

The new, state-of-the-art sight is an advanced version of IMI's Rephaim (MPRS) sight, designed to enable precision firing of both 5.56mm ammunition and rifle-launched 40mm grenades. The new sight will fit the Tavor assault rifle as well as other rifle models.

Mikey Hartman had this to say: "It is a great honor for us to be assigned such a project by the State of Israel. The change in concept for this sight compared to previous generations is the fact that the sight fires 5.56mm ammunition first and foremost, as well as 40mm grenades and not vice versa. The design effort will be led through the perspective of the end user, so that the sight would be very friendly and easy to use."

The new sight will include a laser rangefinder and a ballistic compensation computer, motors for getting the optics out of the way to enable the user to view the target directly, and a state-of-the-art user interface. The system will be lightweight and offer an exceptionally large window.

IMI's Infantry Division headed by Brigadier-General (res.) Alon Friedman is the project leader on behalf of IMI.

Last week, Hartman Optics was awarded a prestigious innovation prize at a major firearms exhibition in Florida, USA.

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Looks like they are having problems with the eotec also. Thanks for the heads up.
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