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Thumbs up Foursevens Preon 2 Review

My Foursevens Preon 2 Review:

I wanted to get a slim, easy to carry light that I would carry in my pocket everyday. I knew right away that even though I wanted some of the bigger lights, They would be more cumbersome and I wouldn't carry them. So I started my research. I was first looking at some of the Streamlight Stylus's and PROTAC's. I was about to order the PROTAC 2AAA, when I stumbled upon this light. It was a review video by nutnfancy and he was comparing it to the same light I was about to order. I immediately changed my mind. It has any setting I would want (high, medium, low, strobe, SOS, beacon high, beacon low) and was double the brightness of the other. Used the same power source (2 AAA's). All while being smaller and lighter.

High 160 lumens
Medium 22 lumens
Low 2.2 lumens

I wasn't sure about the beacon at first, not sure of it's use until nutnfancy suggested something. Basically is flashes either high or low, depending on which one you choose, every 10 seconds. This would be useful if you needed to mark something while you went somewhere. Say if you need to leave a downed friend in the woods while you go find help. You could leave this light on beacon and it would help you find him again.

There are no traction cuts or serrations made on this light, however the grip is still pretty good. They're anodized aluminum, but the way they're anodized leaves a flat finish and is surprisingly grippy for smooth metal. It feels good in the hand.

The beam pattern is great and it's been bright enough for every task I've done so far. Keep in mind, it's purpose isn't to compete with the much larger lights. One feature that I find very nice is, when you turn it on it comes on in low, then you can click thru the different settings. As opposed to most lights come on in high in my experience. I really like this because Its less likely to ***** animals if your hunting or something. The low is dim enough that if you turn it on in a deer blind or while your walking to wherever, it's not gonna reflect and glare everywhere.

No light

Really high value at $40 IMO

I give it a 9/10.
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