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Default Laser Bore Sighters

Looking to scoop up a laser bore sighter in 5.56x45/.223

There are a ton of different ones on Amazon and a variety of price points ($8.49 - $59.99).
I know its a fairly simple product with probably not much variance in parts from brand to brand, and I've already read up on how to use the alignment screws to get it right, but I'd prefer something that works right out of the box, has a reliable laser, and has performed well for others.

Someone with more experience please point me in the right direction as to which brand I should buy.
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I have a Sight Mark laser bore sight. Works pretty well. I wouldn't spend too much on one, Your never gonna zero your gun in with one, all your using it for is so you can hit paper when you go to sight it in. Once your on paper, your done with the boresight, time to start adjusting the scope based on where your shot went.

Oh BTW, you've got a PM on FRF
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