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Default Night vision scope for carbines?

Hello everyone

I know that I'm most likely already annoying everyone with my questions (sorrysorrysorry), but I have yet another question for my novel-project.

The point is, in one shootout in the novel one of the characters uses a Bushmaster ACR with, among some other stuff, a night vision sight (one with this clichee-green image).
The problem with that is, that I haven't yet found a matching sight.
I imagined it to be like an aimpoint sight, rather compact with not that much zoom, and, well, with the night-vision capability.
But all I find on the internet are large scopes (made for large rifles like the Remmington 700 and similar), or adaptors for such scopes.
Are there any night vision sights, making infrared-ligt visible at best, in that rather compact size?
Because, aside from the space, a long-range scope would rather be a handicap than helpful in close combat.

Thanks in advance,


By the way, as long as I get some information about it (size, maybe a picture, an example of how it looks to look through the sight at best) it doesn't matter if it's a civilian or a military sight.
Oh, and I promise that there wont be much more of these basic questions.
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See if this will do.
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I've been fortune enough to shoot a gen 1 night vision sight, talk about playing a video game. Very cool of my buddy,
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