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Default CCI Blazer Aluminum Case Ammo - Opinions & Reviews

I have used some CCI Blazer Ammo in the past, both their standard low cost aluminum case ammo and the Blazer Brass ammo. All with great results. No FTF or FTE errors. Of course, haven't used that much of it.

I'm thinking of stocking up on my hand gun ammo in 9mm, .40S&W and .357 Mag just in case there is ammo tax added soon. I'm seeing 9mm for $11 for 50rd box, .40 at $16 a box which seems fairly reasonable at todays ammo prices. This isn't going to be my self-defense ammo. Pretty much just practice and plinking ammo but I'd still like something fairly accurate.

Anyone else have any opinions good or bad on the CCI Blazer ammo???
Worth saving a few bucks or better off to step up to the Winchester and Remington rounds???

I have read a few reviews from buyers on the Academy website and they appear to be all claiming no duds. Most say it shoots clean except 1 person mentioned it shoots dirty. 1 person also claimed it didn't shoot accurate but he'd recommend it and would use it again.

It's made from Non-Reloadable aluminum cases using CCI Primers and Speer Bullets. I've seen some other brass case ammo for $2-$3 more a box, but it shoots dirty has a bad round occasionally and is made in Serbia, Russia or some other country. I'd prefer to purchase USA Made ammo for the purpose of USA support and employing Americans, which CCI Blazer is Made In USA.

I also do not reload my handgun rounds so the aluminum non-reloadable case isn't really that big of a deal to me so long as the ammo quality is dependable, accurate and consistant I consider using it often.
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I've had no problems with CCI ammo, aluminum or brass.

Right now the aluminum is $9.49/box and the brass $9.99 at palmettostatearmory.com for 115 gr. 9mm FMJ.
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I have run a buttload of aluminum Blazer in 10mm, .45acp, .380, and 9mm with zero issues. All combined likely 3k+ rounds. Very reliable.
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