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Default Tula 9mm review

So when Tula 9mm (to my surprise since I dont much like it in .223) outperformed for accuracy and oomph the Wolf and Brown bear 9mm loadings on buffmans chrono videos I figure I'd get me some.

Been moderately happy with it until last weekend running it thru my M&P 9 and my Taurus PT111 Millenium G2.

Up until then Ammo worked good enough, maybe a single malfunction in 500 rds (which is easily good enough for training, heck almost good enough for carry)...
BUT last weekend (running only my MP9) I got 5-6 malfunctions (short cycling) in only 300 rds which is too many IMO especially since it was during professional handgun training and distracted me a bit with clearing my gun during some shoot drills.

I will use current stocks until exhausted on my buddies yard range.. But when I pay for professional instruction with money+time I will stick to slightly more spendy ammo.
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