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Default Best Lead Removing Products Test

You can watch the video if you want. It's a long one. In short, the best 2 products in this test was actually the cheaper products. Hoppes #9 Solvent, and Outers Foaming Bore Cleaner.

Ballistol actually did fairly well being it's not a cleaner but a lubricant.

Another thing to learn from this test, DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT leave Birchwood Casey Blue & Rust Removal on your gun for any longer than specified by the instructions. DO NOT think by leaving it on longer will do a better job. It will actually tear up your guns finish and your bore. If this test is any kind of real, I'd hate to imagine what a gun would look like if directions are not followed. The test doesn't claim it's a bad product. Just be sure to follow the instructions or damage WILL result.

Again, the big winners in this test for removing lead are, Hoppes #9 Solvent, and Outers Foaming Bore Cleaner.


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I use Ballistol and it does a good job. Takes a little bit more effort, but it is what it is. I know Hickock45 (youtuber) swears by it.
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