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Prepare For Terrorists With Substance – Not Symbolism

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Default Prepare For Terrorists With Substance – Not Symbolism

Prepare For Terrorists With Substance – Not Symbolism

By Mark Rogers 11/14/2015

Here’s what we’re about to start seeing:

Terrorist attacks in countries with gun laws that restrict the right of their citizens to defend themselves. No different from “gun free zones” and individual mass shooters in the U.S.

Aside from bomb attacks, shootings with sub-human terrorists killing masses of people who can’t shoot back.

Terrorist attacks in Paris, France.

All kinds of causes get symbolism. Ribbons, roadside memorials of where people died, rainbows ….. now the French flag.

The flag of a socialist country plastered all over the Facebook profile pictures of Americans.

It’s astounding how many people on Facebook respond to critical events around the world.

By changing their profile picture.

How many who are covering their profile picture with a foreign flag are actually doing anything to help prevent the murder of innocents right in their own hometown? Since they put their French flag up, have they gone to the store and purchased a gun or some guns and ammo?

Are they prepared to practice to become competent with them? Are they prepared to carry them as needed and possible to be ready to actually defend themselves or others?

Are they ready to do something as basic as protect their own families in the event a terrorist event took place right in their back yard?

Or is the three stripe profile picture all there is?

Trying something that may actually effect future outcomes instead of simply symbolic gestures may be a more effective memorial. Why would an American put another country’s flag on their profile for any reason?

France’s socialist government gun laws allow this:

[“They told us to lie down, there was one who kept gesturing for us to get down. We all lay down, the whole room lay down. I was completely under other people, and they kept shooting.“]

That’s what the French flag represents. Helpless citizens under the deadly control of an international enemy.

No, I’m not changing my profile picture on Facebook to the colors of the French flag to honor and support the French.

Terrorist Defense ToolsWhat I’m doing to honor and support the French is the substantive measure of being sure my guns are clean, loaded, ready to fire, and within reach for when it happens here.

Not if.

I’m not going to stick my head in the sand depending on the U.S. Government, headed up by a sniveling, fantasy-distorted idealogue of a president who claims Isis is “contained” to provide my protection from an enemy that resides everywhere.

Today, as people change their profile picture, what are they doing to protect themselves, their family, their neighbors, innocent bystanders in public places?

Police won’t be able to do it.

The military won’t be present when it breaks out.

When the shooting from an international enemy breaks out in our own neighborhoods, the Second Amendment will start to take on meaning it has lost over the years of idiotic arguing the minutiae of its wording.

It will be the presence of armed citizens that will be the only way out of people being obliterated while minding their own business, going about their peaceful activities.

Americans. Americans who are clueless. Then Americans who are armed to take care of the clueless as well as themselves.

What about you? (Not a male or female question – either)

A French flag is a nice gesture, but what are you actually doing to keep yourself and others alive?

Perhaps ceasing symbolism and performing actual functional readiness is a better honorarium. Readiness may prevent needless death.

But one thing is certain.

That French flag covering your face won’t get it done.

Prepare For Terrorists With Substance – Not Symbolism
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Time for a continental congress. Convention of States This may be the only way to recover this country before the revaluation.
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Red face

What French dads SHOULDA been teaching their sons all along.


So they'd be ready - NOW - for this moment

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Because it ticks off the people who NEED ticking off...
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Well said.

I checked my guns, and ammo. Bought a couple more boxes.
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If I remember right this country was founded on 3 boxes. Soap box , jury box and ammo box !!!!!! There is another box but all humanity was founded by it.
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