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Respect Life

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We often are told that gun banners' ultimate goal is to save lives. "If it saves the life of one ...

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Default Respect Life

We often are told that gun banners' ultimate goal is to save lives. "If it saves the life of one child," they claim, it is worth violating the rights of millions. They claim to want safety and security. They claim to respect human life.

These efforts are transparently contradictory. They want to render you vulnerable to armed predators in order to make you safer. They want to disarm you to protect you. They want to leave you defenseless to save your life. They want to make it more difficult for you to own the most effective tool on the market today under the guise of "public safety." And they want to force you to rely on the government to protect you rather than ensure you have the tools to take responsibility for your own life and the lives of your loved ones.......

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It's all about control.

Gov Healthcare = control.
Gov welfare = control.
Gov protection = control.

If the Gov gives you something and you become dependent on it, then they can take it away in order to control you. If you don't do as we say, then your meds, check, food card, might not show up next time. I have become very pessimistic when it comes to our Gov. I don't believe anything they do is for the good of the people. Heck! most people don't even want what they're proposing. The lawmakers aren't doing what the people want. They're doing what they want despite the peoples protest. It's all about furthering their agenda and increased control. Just my opinion.
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Might as well grab a seat and hold on because here it comes.Socialism at its finest from the current administration by executive order . No body has the power to stop it.
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