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Screaming deal on premium Mags

This is a discussion on Screaming deal on premium Mags within the AR-15 forums, part of the Long Guns category!

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Default Screaming deal on premium Mags

TangoDown ARC AR-15 Magazine, .223 Rem and 5.56 NATO, 30 Round, Black

TangoDowns for the price of Thermolds!!!

Mine just arrived:

The Good
-The follower seems naturally slick just as they said.
- Love how these fit into the magwell! None of this looseness shown by USGI mags and PMag gen 3s (the PMag gen 3 are loose compared to the gen 2′s for proper fit in HK416 derivatives as fielded by USMC supposedly as a SAW substituent and FNSCARs)
-The body is extremely strong no bending moment of any kind, lots of reinforced ribbing.
Strenghtwise these are clearly the strongest magazines I own.


The bad

For those who run gear mostly based on USGI pouches will find the Mag a bit too large to close the pouches bad. :wacko:
The ARPAT bandoliers also can only handle only 1 of these instead of the 2 with USGI and Troy (easily) and the 2 w/ Pmags and Lancers AWG L5s (with effort).

I took what I thought was a Blawkhawk MOLLE pouch, which actually was a cheap Chinese brand it turns out:unsure: , and these largish Mags fit it just fine for the full 6 Mags that were suppsoed to fit in it. (3 Mags on top of each other in 2 compartments)

In summary fantastic Mags but not sure if suitable for those running USGI sized gear such as ALICE or the USGI MOLLE.

I might run them tomorrow at the local range but definitely liking my Troys better now, which are a nice and slim Mags slimmer than the PMags and approximate the USGI Mags from dimensions
Molon Labe
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