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Default Ammo

Has anybody seen or used the Liberty (was Halo) ammo? I am not sold on it yet. Liberty Ammunition | Global Leader in Lead-Free Ammunition Any Les Baer complaints out there?
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I have a couple boxes in 9 and .45, interesting concept of using much lighter than traditional bullets for a given caliber going much faster. I shot an old car door with some of the 9mm and it would go through more often than the FMJ I compared it with. Not very scientific but that's the best I could do.
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I like the idea, corbon has ammo that's the same with a light bullet which increases muzzle velocity greatly. I have not shot them but have heard good things about the ammo, there's alot of different stuff going on with ammo.....some are putting plastic in the hollow point like the critical defense rd and others are making a bigger hollow point like the federal hst, I have these in 9 & 40 and the hollow point is huge and I tested them and thru 4 layers of denium into ballistic gel no issues with expansion and weight retention. I due like the idea with the light rounds though,makes sense to me......
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