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Default Just ran one of my PT111G2s hard last weekend

Was teaching handgunning to a friend this past weekend.
Ran my PT111G2 hard .
400 rds approx, 100 steel case 100 aluminum case and 200 brass w/o any cleaning or oiling during the session. (it started clean + oiled)
Used factory Mags and Sig226 Mags.

Not a single malfunction during fire or reloads.
On this particular one I think I am at approx 4000 rds (I own more than 1 PT111G2 "shooter")

The white dot on the front sight post is getting worn out a bit tho .. may have to refresh it w/ a dab of white paint.
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[sarcasm=on] Are you sure you were shooting a Taurus? You know they're crap and nobody should use one if your life depends on it. [sarcasm=off]

There are people out there that think "Just because it's inexpensive, means it can't be any good". Or that since Taurus had a few lemons along the way that all of their guns are trash. I read the reviews on the PT***G2's and they were very favorable for such an inexpensive gun. Good price, good quality, good performance. And your review backs that up.
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Taurus also used to make 92's for Berretta. They have had some issues but they also have some pistols that are very good values.
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