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Default Rough day at the range

Had a rough day at the range today.
It was steamaing hot.
My sweaty hands weakened my grip and kept slipping

On top of that the range I was at is fairly poorly lit which worsens my far sightedness so I had trouble seeing the FSP clearly.

at 10 yard my group per magazine of 17 rds was maybe 6 inches big.
Not good.
Only at the end with some squinting and wiping my hands dry was I able to lower the group to a more respectable 4 inches.

Still not a fun day..
I even had a failure to eject, sigh..

Packed it up after 150 rds of 9mm.
Molon Labe

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This heat and humidity makes everything miserable.
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On the other hand, it was a bad day and yet you were still effective at a range which covers 99% of defensive handgun use.
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