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Default Ancient Weaponry question


I was hoping someone could shed some light on a question.
In ancient times, did warriors notch their weapons to keep track of kills? I know in WWII and WWI that pilots would mark kills on the side of their planes; I was wondering if this is based on tradition. I believe this was a common practice, but can find no proof to back it up.
Does anyone know if this was done in ancient times? If so, what groups did this and where did you come across this information? I have had no luck in my research.
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Humans haven't really changed much, so I would imagine that some ancient warriors had the same thoughts as more modern soldiers.
There are examples of ancient sling stones etched with curses and taunts such as "Take that" or "Die"
Vikings are known to have named there weapons, Maori warriors used tattoos to show their prowess as fighters, and Sioux warriors carried staffs that marked the number of battles they had been in. And that's just to name a few

While it may not have been widespread, or official practice; it is more than likely that soldiers from across the globe and across the epocs have tallied there victories in one way or another.
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