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Default Any decent aftermarket meloniting available?

Is there any decent and affordable aftermarket meloniting available for rifle barrels in general and AR barrels barrels in particular?

Reason I ask is this:

Even though I have a nice selection of quality ARs, I am fascinated by the SR556E.
Street price is about $990-1050 dollars and you get a rifle with a very nice piston system chromed (!).
The barrel is CHF 41V45 (!) .

I owned one before for a short time and sold it for a profit unfired during the panic months.

I remember how nice the rifle felt. the quality of it all.
Everything was tight, felt solid, the finish was beautiful the upper mated nicely to the lower.

Reviews report 1MOA accuracy.
It was really nice and that street price...

It being a piston rifle one likes to think of it as a potentially low maintenance SHTF rifle.
But it has a weakness, no chrome lining or even meloniting.
So that kinda runs counter to the strengths a piston rifle brings to the table.

It's a real shame a wonderful rifle with features and specs above many more expensive rifles but this one weakness ruins it.

So I think maybe I would recommend one for a friend or two.
But for that I would want to fix the barrel issues.
Molon Labe
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