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Default Coilguns


This link (Pskov 1100. True coilgun pistol from Russia.) seems to show a Russian working reasonable-sized electromagnetic-coil-powered handgun called the Pskov 1100. I do not know whether the article is advertisory or neutrally descriptive.

The Russian-language version Google-translates as:-

"Electromagnetic gun weighs 1155 grams and is powered by six ordinary
Ni-Cd AA battery located in the handle.
Iron bullet has a diameter of 5 mm and a length of 25 mm and weighs 2.75 g
Muzzle velocity of 33 m / s . The kinetic energy of 1.5 joules.
DC converter charging capacitor to 800V .
Peak coil current is 400A .
Batteries can do 50 shots per charge.
The time between shots is 25 seconds. The shot is fired silently.
Energy of the bullet is enough to break the usual bottle or punch
the bottom of a tin can , but not enough to break a bottle of champagne .
Magazine capacity 8 rounds ."
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We have have them for years. Full auto BB guns. The Russians are good at making great guns. This one my be for in space protection.
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pskov 1100.

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